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Why Choose 3M Window Films?

3M window films is known to transform windows for residential owners and building owners to a source of strength link, such as, protecting homes from break-ins, severe weather conditions, sun control and safety. 3M window films are designed mainly to aid in holding glass fragments together and preventing injuries from flying glasses in cases of severe climate conditions. A strong barrier that is created discourages criminal activity.

3M window film benefits

Individuals do cherish the outcome of natural sunlight. However, excessive sunlight does create excessive heat into the building, tends to fade valuable furniture, and does contain harmful UV rays. Choosing 3M window films does allow minimal sunlight indoor penetration, keeps the excessive heat out and prevents any sunlight damages. The results of 3M window benefits are obtained without any changes in appearance of the home. 3M is a better choice for home and building owners mainly because of the following benefits:
• Outstanding heat rejection creates a comfortable home based atmosphere
• Reflectivity caused from excessive sunlight is lower than in regular glass
• 3M window films are known to allow up to 50 % of visible light through the windows
• Heat rejection through the windows is estimated over 60%
• Dual reflective activity provides daytime privacy while allowing easier viewing outside at night
• The tint can be attractive while providing heat rejection and glare reduction
• As a building owner, one may obtain great investment returns due to increased interests
• Vandalism and break-ins are to the lowest

3M window films for Sun Control, Safety and Security

3M windows are beneficial in a working atmosphere; for example, working from home or even in business related atmospheres that involves use of computers does reduce glare on computer screens. Energy savings are on the rise mainly because one can save up to one ton of air conditioning for every amounts of square feet of glass exposed to the sun. Severe weather conditions are unexpected and will maximize flying glass. In the case of the availability of 3M windows, these conditions are minimized. Criminals are always aiming for a quick smash and grab access; any interference or prevention of such easy action will discourage criminal activity.

3M windows are not only decorative and attractive, however, can be easily changed to meet tenant preferences. Individuals have easy access to shop around to find their best choices that meet their budget preferences and meet personal benefits.

Residential window tinting by Energy Control of Iowa can be used to accentuate the looks of your home, reduce the heat coming through the glass, cut the glare and significantly block the sun’s damaging UV rays from flowing through your windows. Contact us today at (319) 423-9663 to learn more about the products and services that we offer.