3M™ Scotchshield™ Safety and Security Films

3M Safety and Security Window Film helps hold your glass in place during destructive weather conditions, bomb blasts, explosions, or smash and grab burglaries. It helps maintain the integrity of a structure’s outer shell to keep wind, rain and flying glass fragments from wreaking havoc inside the structure. Our films can also reject harmful UV rays, which cause fading and lower energy costs.

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3M™ Prestige Series Ultra PRS70 and PRS50

3M Company did it again! It married two of its best window film technologies to create ULTRA Prestige Safety & Security Window Films. Combining 3M’s multi-layered films with nano-technology means that you can have a security film that offers up to 97% infrared heat rejection to protect your home or office from bomb blasts, natural disasters, and smash-and-grab crime. Now you get all the benefits of 3M’s Prestige Sun Control Films and 3M’s Safety & Security Films all in one package. Prestige window films must be installed by a 3M-authorized Prestige window film dealer.

Home Window Films Can Save Money On Cooling Your House - Residential Window Tint

3M™ Ultra Safety and
Security Films

A patented micro-layer film with superior strength adhesive system. These products are designed to hold broken glass onto the film thus reducing the possibility of injury or damage caused by flying glass shards. Because of the unique tear resistant properties of our micro-layer film it also provides security and impact resistance for TERRORIST BOMBINGS, HURRICANES, SMASH & GRAB CRIMES, EARTHQUAKES, INDUSTRIAL EXPLOSIONS. Some versions of these films also provide sun control features.

Home Window Films Can Save Money On Cooling Your House - Residential Window Tint

3M™ Scotchshield™ Safety and Security Films

Sometimes the threat is from nature, other times people. No matter where the threat comes from, 3M Safety and Security Window Films can help you be prepared for the worst.

When natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, high winds, and earthquakes hit, there is little you can do to protect your building. But by planning ahead, your building can be prepared for the worst. Glass can

be your worst enemy in severe weather and storms. When unprotected glass breaks, shards can be sent flying causing severe injury to people and major damage to property.

During a disaster, 3M Safety and Security Window Films help hold the glass together to maintain the integrity of your home. This also helps to keep flying glass from harming inhabitants and, in many circumstances, keeps out wind and rain.

3M Safety and Security Window Films also help you deter street crime. Because the window film helps hold the glass in place, criminals don’t have the quick access they need to successfully smash and grab merchandise. Often the window slows them down
to such a degree that they may choose to move on to an easier target.

Building Safety and Security into your windows: There are times when the world is a dangerous place. Hurricanes, tornadoes, severe winds, bomb blasts and even earthquakes can cause glass to shatter and send shards flying. During these disasters Safety and Security Window Films help keep flying glass from harming inhabitants.

The average Tornado will cut a path about 6 miles long and 140 yards wide. the average length of a Tornado is around 10-15 minutes, moving usually toward the northeast around 35mph. the average windspeed associated with a Tornado is close to 200mph, but with the more violent F4 and F5 Tornados, the winds are approaching 300mph.

Fortunately, only about 2% of the Tornados are F4 and F5. about 1/3 are considered strong, F2 and F3’s, but most are weak F0 or F1 Tornados which cause minor wind damage in comparison. in fact, F0 and F1 wind speeds are less than 113mph, which is light enough for a secured mobile home to withstand. F2 and F3’s cause most of the damage on a yearly basis, because of their high frequency. but, when F4 and F5 Tornados occur, their damage is catastrophic.

Tornados aren’t the only producers of strong damaging winds. heavy downpours will produce a draft known as straight-line winds that usually occur in advance of a storm system. these winds can easily exceed 75mph and can cause damage similar to an F0 or F1 tornado.

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